Potential Candidate
Profession: Business Managers
Mudassar Hasan
28 Year’s Old, , Pakistan


I am a professional Accountant with a little experience on hand yet adequa ...

Profession: Engineers
Iftikhar Shah
73 Year’s Old, , Pakistan

Basically I am an Engineering Graduate in Electronics Engineering  from University of Karachi (Pakistan) having more than 35 years comprehensive pr ...

Profession: Business Managers
waqas sarfraz
26 Year’s Old, Faisalabad, Pakistan

Though a marketing plan can be formal or informal, at a minimum it describes who your customers are, where they get information, and how you are going to reach them. Tho ...

Profession: Engineers
saddam hussain
27 Year’s Old, , Pakistan

Fresh electrical engineer.major field of study in electrical power sector.interested to work in a reputible and challenging enviromnment.

Profession: Chartered Accountants
Muhammad Shakeel
27 Year’s Old, , Pakistan

Job seeking oppurtunity in punjab provice. Now working as an Asst Accounts Manager in chinese firm in Sindh but have some issue about distance. 

Profession: Engineers
Shoaib Islam
26 Year’s Old, , Pakistan

Seeking a career oriented and challenging position in a nationally and internationally growing organization that can utilize my academic qualification and profession ...

Profession: Business Managers
Muhammad Taimoo Khan
28 Year’s Old, Hyderabad, Pakistan

I want to manage team and work force as business manager

Profession: Human Resource Manager
Asad Rasheed
32 Year’s Old, Mansehra, Pakistan

When calling a potential customer, be pleasant and courteous. Give your contact a good reason to make time to speak with you. You need to sell them on the idea that spending tim ...

Profession: Engineers
25 Year’s Old, , Pakistan

I am an adaptable and innovative Electrical Engineer and want to improve my skills in a farword looking company.I am honest and hardworking in my working.I will do my best to be ...

Profession: Engineers
Farhan Ahmed
33 Year’s Old, Tando Adam, Pakistan

To acquire a suitable position in a leading national or multinational company, which will provide opportunity for professional growth and challenge in the field of I.T (Data ...

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